Markus Oberhauser

Aquí estoy, otra vez.Ya sabéis como contratarme, es muy fácil, basta con una llamada...............pronto habrá novedades. Besos y Abrazos
Here I am, again. You already know how to hire me, it's very easy, just call me............... soon I will have news. Big hug!

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Personal details

Sex Male
Age range 50 - 65
Build Athletic
Height 177
Hair Dark brown
Eye colour Blue
Vocal pitch, dubbing voice Bass



1991 - 1994
Escuela Cristina Rota (Spain)
1986 - 1989
Escuela de Artes y Espectáculos TAI (Spain)



Languages German (mother tongue)
Spanish (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Italian (fluent)
Dialects Saarland (native dialect)
Accents German (native accent)
Spanish (native accent)
Sports Boxing (good)
Skiing (good)
Jogging (good)
Motorbiking (good)
Swimming (good)
Water-skiing (basic)
Ice skating (basic)
Squash (basic)
Tennis (basic)
Table tennis (basic)
Sailing (basic)
Billiards (basic)
Pool (basic)
Bowling (basic)
Cycling (basic)
Horseback riding (basic)
Rock climbing (basic)
Soccer (basic)
Rings (basic)
Marathon (basic)
Skateboarding (basic)
Mountaineering (basic)
Motocross (basic)
Shooting (basic)
Archery (basic)
Singing A Cappella (good)
Ballad (good)
Traditional folk (good)
Chanson (good)
Folk (good)
Modern (good)
Musical (good)
Pop (good)
Pop song (good)
Rock (good)
Soul (good)
Swing (good)
Country (basic)
Jazz (basic)
Musical instruments






2017 El ultimo Traje
Supporting actor
Director: Pablo Solarz
2016 The Promise
German Officer Small role
Director: Terry Scott
2016 Guernika
Supporting actor
Director: Koldo Serra
2015 Perdiendo el Norte
Small role
Director: Nach G. Velilla
1990 Las cartas de Alou
Small role
Director: Moncho Armendariz


2021 Servir y Proteger
Hermann Bredel Actor in episode
Director: Varios directores
2020 Jaguar
Actor in episode
Director: Ramon Campos
2019 Searching for Wolfgang Maier
Wolfgang Maier Ongoing role
Director: Markus Oberhauser
2017 Centro Medico
Star of episode
Director: "
2016 - 2017 Amar es para siempre
Ongoing role
Director: '''
2012 - 2018 El Hormiguero
Wolfgang Maier "Reportero" Host/presenter
Director: Madrid
2016 Buscando el Norte
Actor in episode
Director: ??
2015 El Ministerio del Tiempo
Actor in episode
Director: ''
1989 Delirios de amor
Actor in episode
Director: Toni Capella


2017 - 2019 Monologo Wolfgang Maier
Wolfgang Maier Lead
Director: Markus Oberhauser
1998 Juguemos en Serio
Supporting Lead
Director: Markus Oberhauser










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